KUALA LUMPUR: A total of 61.6 billion had been allocated to improve education training, skills and talent sector under the 2018 Budget.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the number was double the amount compared to what was allocated in other Asean countries.

Of the figure, RM654 million would be used to build four pre-schools, nine Permata centres including two specifically for autistic children, 48 primary and secondary schools, vocational college and matriculation.

A total of RM550 million would also channeled to the Special Fund for Improvement and Maintenance of Schools.

Najib said the government was fully aware that there were almost 2 thousand schools in the country which are in poor condition.

“For that, through the Industrial Building System, the government has the responsibility to announce the biggest allocation amounting to a total of RM2.5 billion for two years.

“From the amount a total of RM500 million will be provided to needy schools in peninsular Malaysia, RM1 billion to Sabah and another RM1 billion to Sarawak,” he said.

A total of RM2.9 billion will also be allocated for food assistance, textbooks, capital grants and for scholarships.

The government, he said, had also decided to continue giving the RM100 assistance to about 3.2 million school-going children.

Source: NST Online

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