KUALA LUMPUR: The free school bus service started by City Hall for residents of public housing units (PPA) and people’s housing schemes (PPR) has come as a welcome boon for many parents.

At PPR Seri Semarak in Setapak, single father Mohd Sazali Abdul Rahman, 40, said four of his five children went on the bus on the first day of school yesterday.

“I did not register my last child who is just starting school. But it is okay because I am already saving about RM200 now.

“Anyway, I have registered the child for the second phase,” said Mohd Sazali, who works as a driver.

Another parent, Roslan Hussain, 40, said he was grateful for the initiative.

“Everything to do with education must be free or cheap. This should have been done long ago.

“I have four children and three are schooling. My wife and I run a small business, selling frozen curry puffs.

“Times are hard and I can really use the savings from this for my eldest child who is in college.”

One resident at PPR Bukit Jalil was left disappointed, though.

G. Siva, 27, said his eight-year-old nephew registered for the service last year, but had not been updated on the status of it.

When the bus did not show up yesterday, he consulted the head of the block where they lived.

“The head of the block said the service had not started and told me to ask the head of another block for more details,” he said.

Fearing that he would get the run around, Siva took the boy to school himself and engaged a private transport service for the rest of the year.

“Private transport costs RM120 per month. We thought we could save the money, but now it is back to square one for us,” he said.

On Dec 30, Deputy Federal Territories Minister Datuk Dr Loga Bala Mohan announced that Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) had engaged 165 buses to ferry more than 6,000 students from 74 of its PPA and PPR areas to schools, starting this year.

The initiative would cost DBKL RM80 per student.

A DBKL spokesman said the bus service was running in all the areas.

“There is a bus and van servicing PPR Bukit Jalil. Perhaps the student’s name was submitted late.

“All eligible students will be included in the second recruitment phase soon. I hope parents will be patient as we are trying to coordinate the service efficiently,” he said.





Source : The Star               http://buff.ly/2j2OuBJ

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