Everyone has a different study habit and it is important to find your personal best way to study. You may hate music while studying, while others love it. Well then, same goes to studying while eating!  

Choosing the perfect place to study while eating can be challenging to some people. A poor environment, bad customer service, or horrible food can ruin your quality time and cause undue stress.

So, here are our recommendations for the best studying spots in Malaysia:


5) Chatime

Strictly for bubble tea lovers. Period.





4) The mamak

You might think that it’s the worst place to study as these places are always noisy and generally crowded, which may be a stressful environment.

Trust me, you can never say no to the mamak as it has the advantage where many operate for 24 hours a day with reasonable prices for everyone.


Plus, the environment can get really cosy as the night goes by which is suitable for those who like to study late and crave for something to munch on at the same time.




3) Starbucks

That air roasted coffee smell sure is tempting, isn’t it? Somehow, even the smell will make you feel more awake.


Research has also shown that a few cups a day can actually be beneficial for those who want to study effectively.

Warning: do not overdose!



2) McDonalds

We are 100% sure that not everyone who study at McD are drawn by the burgers (Hint: it’s the wifi, always!).


Apart from that, the place is great for those looking for a place that served light snacks or fast food 24/7.


1) Pappa Rich

How we wish that this place opens for 24 hours! The chill ambience, smooth and efficient service, and that prawn noodle and naan sandwiches – tell me what else could you ask for?





Enough said, it’s the perfect combination for success!



With that, we leave you with this quote of the day: Keep calm, eat well, and happy studying!

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