PUTRAJAYA: Students unsatisfied with their 2016 Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) examination results can apply for a recheck within 30 days of the result announcement.

Malaysian Examination Board director Datin Nawal Salleh said application forms for the recheck can be obtained from schools and should be mailed to the board. They can also visit the Malaysian Examination Board portal: http://lp.moe.gov.my/.

She said as of yesterday, the board has received 20 applications for a recheck.

“It would cost RM50 for a recheck of each paper, as the process involves retrieving the examination paper and appointing new examiners.

“There is no move to do away with the charges,” Nawal added.

Commenting on complaints by disgruntled parents and students following this year’s poor UPSR results, Nawal said parents should not be too result-oriented, but evaluate students’ holistic achievements.

“Examinations are (just one) tool to measure the academic aspect, and they don’t reflect a student’s achievement as a whole.

“Parents should take into consideration their children’s emotional, physical and spiritual elements,” she added.

Schools and teachers should not stress only on achieving all A’s for students, but nurture their overall knowledge and skills.

Nawal said the new format to emphasise higher order thinking skills (HOTS) among students is to distinguish excellent students from average ones.

“We are finding ways of recognising those who have that extra edge over others.

“The board wants schools to use this year’s UPSR data to help and improve students’ achievements, especially those who get all Es” she added. 

Source : New Straits Times                    http://buff.ly/2fC0Pyj

Photo : astroawani.com

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