PETALING JAYA : All school textbooks used by the Education Minis­try undergo a stringent checking process before being distributed for use, said the Textbook Division of the ministry.

It maintained that the textbooks were “produced professionally” with facts taken from authentic and credible sources.

The ministry was responding to yesterday’s article in the Educate section of Sunday Star, which was titled “Seeing blunders in print”, regarding errors found in public school textbooks and local publishers facing their fair share of complaints.

The ministry said all textbooks were only published after going through a six-step procedure, which could take up to 18 months to complete.

However, it acknowledged that even with the stringent steps in place, there were still many complaints about the textbooks.

“The Textbook Division investigates all the complaints.

“The ministry will also determine if the complaints are justified before a response is given,” said the ministry.

It added that if the complaint was true, the Textbook Division would then take appropriate action on a case-by-case basis.

Source : The Star       

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