KUALA LUMPUR: When her mother fell off a ladder while changing a light bulb, 10-year-old Cherry Kong Chen Ling literally, had a light bulb moment.

The SJK (C) Methodist (M) student then went on to design a light bulb changer with her two schoolmates, Daryl Lim Jinn Chen and Kelvin Moh Zhong Cheng, also 10.

The young inventors from Sibu, Sarawak, stole the limelight as the youngest competitors at the National Innovation Award (AIN) 2016 held at Nu Sentral shopping mall here.

“It was initially for our mums, but we realised that other people could also be facing the same problems when changing light bulbs,” said Kong.

Their invention has since snapped up top prizes at recent international innovation competitions in Korea and China.

The “Amazing Bulb Changer”, fashioned out of a lightweight mop stick and a conical plastic with adaptable fixtures, is able to change up to 15 different types of bulbs.

“It’s cheap to make and so easy to use, and we came up with it because we want to help people,” said Moh.

The trio are among those competing in the school category, one of six categories at AIN.

The three of them will split the prize money of RM10,000 if they emerge as winners tonight.

Vying for the same prize is another team of young inventors, students from SM Imtiaz Yayasan Terengganu with their eco-friendly whiteboard cleaner.

“The idea was mooted when we realised that normal dusters contain polystyrene, which is slowly destroying our environment.

“So we came up with a duster made of all-natural and easily accessible ingredients such as coconut husk, sugarcane and natural liquids,” said Mohd Khairul Naim, 14.

The duster, aptly named “Dr Duster with Green Cleaner”, was commercialised early this year by their school.

The team has won recent international innovation competitions in Thailand, Romania and Taiwan.

Source : The Star                  http://buff.ly/2ejTWQh

Photo : thestar.com.my

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